A Montana Landmark
For Over 75 Years

Osprey Camera

Welcome to our Osprey Page, and hopefully an enjoyable and educational experience for all folks, young and old.

Founded in 1947, Snappy's continues to look for better ways to serve our community.  With our osprey platform having been constructed in early 2015, and with the arrival of a young mating pair, early April '16, please enjoy with us in observing these beautiful birds.  We think these are young adults, possibly three-year-olds, and if so are building their first home and family.  We expect a great deal of interesting behavior yet to come, including fishing on the ponds below, sharing of the meal, working on the nest, laying and hatching of eggs (for which we are very hopeful), and the raising of their young. 

Last, we hope to assist with an educational process in sharing with folks of the dangers of bailing twine.  Bailing twine, when tangled in the foot and talons of an osprey, can be lethal. As all experts in this field caution, WE CANNOT encroach on the nest for the purpose of twine removal, and can only hope that we escape injury to these beautiful birds.

Thanks for joining with us.
All the best,
B. J. Lupton