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Sierra 1345 Varminter 22 Cal .224 55 GR Spitzer Blitz 100Box

Item number: 1345

Varminter Bullets are designed specifically for rapid expansion and instant kills on larger varmints and small game. Varminter bullets have thin jackets to enhance expansion but with sufficient strength to be fired at the highest muzzle velocities in the cartridges for which they are intended. The shapes of bullets in this classification include hollow point (HP), spitzer pointed flat base (SPT), and semi-pointed (SMP). Bullets labeled as Blitz are designed for medium velocity (under 3600 fps). Hornet bullets are designed to expand reliably in the 2500 to 2800 fps velocity range, although they can be loaded in cartridges generating up to 3500 fps muzzle velocity. At 223 Remington velocities, the Hornet will be an explosive "Blitz" style Varminter.

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product details
  • Cannelure: No
  • Core Material: Lead
  • Jacket Material: Copper
  • Quantity: 100
  • Recommended Usage: Varmint
  • Bullet Caliber: 22 Caliber
  • Bullet Diameter: .224
  • Bullet Tip Material: Lead
  • Bullet Type: Spitzer Blitz
  • Sectional Density: .157
  • Weight: 55 GR