A Montana Landmark
For Over 75 Years

A Montana Landmark
The Footwear Department at Snappy's

You will find:

  • An extensive selection of high quality footwear from Hiking Boots to Trail Runners - Hunting Boots to Winter Footwear - Sandals and Water Shoes.
  • Accessories like Insoles, Liners and Footwear Care.
  • Full selection of socks - the right sock for the right activity.
  • An extremely knowledgeable staff.
  • Cheerful and eager professionals to assist you with your needs, questions and interests.
  • Dedication to getting you the best fit and performance.

Your comfort starts with your feet. We've got everthing you need to make the best possible decision. We'll even help you take care of and prolong the life of your boots!

Our desire is to get you the BEST FIT possible, no matter the activity.


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