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Champion Targets 40578 Folding Shooting Sticks W/Belt Pouch

Item number: 40578

When that tough shot presents itself, be prepared with Champion's, easy-to-use Shooting Sticks. This handy hunting tool effortlessly assembles in seconds as shock cords quickly pull together and lock legs into place. The compact, lightweight Folding Shooing Sticks work well in all types of terrain, steadying the shooter for a quick, clean shot. They also include a handy belt pouch for your convenience

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product details
  • Description: Shooting Sticks
  • Includes: Belt Carry Pouch
  • Prefilled-Empty: N/A
  • Adaptor Type: Shooting Sticks
  • Material: Polymer
  • No. of Legs: 2
  • Type of Bag: Belt Pouch
  • Type of Feet: All-Terrain