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Breakthrough Clean Btcccp Vision Series Pistol Cleaning Kit 9mm-.45cal

Item number: BTCCCP

Breakthrough's compact Vision Series Cleaning Kit line offers you everything you need to ensure a thorough clean. Its plastic tray keeps all the various pieces of the kit organized neatly inside a durable case that acts like a mini toolbox. This pistol cleaning kit come with two (2) brass rods, a handle, 3 bore brushes, 3 cotton mops, muzzle guard, brass patch holder, 3 brass jags, box of patches, and a 12ml bottle of Battle Born high-purity oil.

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product details
  • Case Material: Plastic Box
  • Pieces: 15
  • Bristle Type: Nylon
  • Caliber or Gauge: 9mm-.45cal
  • Size: 9mm-.45cal
  • Type: Cleaning Kit