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One Lonely Chick

Posted on 08.02.2022

With A Sad Heart - Only One Chick for 2022

Author: Alyssa 

It has defiantly been an interesting year for us and our Osprey camera! From Canadian Geese finding their home in the nest to raise their 5 goslings and watching the “big jump” for those brave little ones, whom all survived. However, that came at the expense for Dutch and Duchess to have a little bit of a stressful year, not getting their nest right away and when they were able to claim it back as there’s it was getting late in the season. None the less they were able to hatch 3 eggs. As of today, we are left with one healthy chick. 

It’s been a pretty rough year for the two resident Osprey. The first chick that hatched is thriving and is the one we see today. The time frame between the chicks hatching seemed a little longer than normal. Second chick came a couple days after, and then chick #3 sometime after that and was extremely small compared to the other two. Within just a few days it couldn’t keep up or even possibly was sickly. To ensure survival of the other 2 the chick was removed from the nest by the Osprey. Chick #2 seemed to be holding its own and even though it was smaller it still was very active and getting bigger. Mother nature sometimes must take a different course. From what we can gather over the past few days the Osprey have been struggling to bring in enough food source for both the chicks and just recently with a mixture of not getting enough food and the heat chick 2 passed. Its defiantly something that tugs on the heart strings. I think that all of us that watch our resident Osprey have an attachment to them and their babies and it’s hard when things like this happen, but what we can do is hope for smooth sailings for the little one in the nest who looks very healthy and continues to grow and for a smoother year next year. Hopefully soon we will get to see first flight! 

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