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Get Outside Volume XI

Posted on 06.03.2022

Author: Tom G.

I would love to be writing about the big Tom Turkey that I was able to call in and shoot this spring, however I was not fortunate enough to bag one. I did learn a ton and had some limited success calling. The good news is that here in Montana, my tags will still be good this fall so maybe I can get one while I am out chasing whitetails.

I am looking forward to a summer of picking huckleberries, getting my game cameras out and scouting for the fall seasons but I need something to do in the mean time.
I haven’t done much fishing at all over the last 15 years and it was really never a big part of my life, but since I am always encouraging folks to get outside and try new things, I figured it was time to follow my own advice and try something new.

Ron in the Snappy’s fishing department was kind enough to answer all of my questions about where to fish and how I should be going about it. He set me up with a light spinning rod and an assortment of tackle that was suited to fishing our local lakes for rainbow trout.

Over the last couple of weeks I have spent several quiet evenings along the shores of Loon Lake. During this time I have managed to land a couple of nice fish and lost a couple as well. As much as I enjoy bringing in a fish, I have really appreciated the quiet, almost meditative nature if being on the water and trying to catch a fish.

While I have no idea if I will ever branch out into chasing big lake trout out on the flathead or learning how to catch perch as so many people seem to enjoy doing, I am sure I will spend many a summer day casting a rooster tail out into Loon Lake and hoping to strike a fish as I retrieve it!

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