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Get Outside Volume XIII

Posted on 10.20.2022

Author: Tom G.

The rifle opener is nearly here. Are you prepared?

I don’t know how archery season was for you but for me, this year was definitely a bust. For a myriad of reasons (family obligations, work, being too picky……) I did not manage to put any meat in the freezer. In my short career as a hunter, this is the first time I have not had success during a season that I set out to hunt in. Truthfully, I really shut down for archery season about three weeks before it ended but by no means have I given up on the year.

I am actually looking forward to rifle season with more excitement than I ever have before for multiple reasons. Most importantly, Cori (my wife) now has one season of experience under her belt, and she is itching to get out and fill her tags. As for me, I feel more prepared for rifle season than I ever have before. I had game cameras out throughout the summer and fall, I have scouted a bunch of areas that are new to me, and I have a ground blind out in a very promising location. 

Setting up the ground blind was a great experience. I identified the location late during last rifle season. It sits on a ridge overlooking the intersection of three game trails that appear to be heavily used. My daughter Max helped me set it up and she was a trooper gathering rocks and branches to help me anchor it down and brush it in. I will be absolutely thrilled if I am able to fill a tag from the blind. Max has not been in Montana long enough to get a resident license, but she has expressed a desire to get out and hunt with us next year. It would be great to feel like she had a hand in our success this year.

Our hunting loads were developed early this summer and we have both spent a significant amount of time at the range with our rifles. They have been ready to go for weeks.

Cori and I drew CWD management tags, so we will be spending a few days hunting in Libby during the first week of the season. After that we will spend the rest of the season hunting near home. If I have any unfilled tags when the season closes, my muzzle loader is ready to go for that season.

I truly hope everyone reading this column and who is also planning on getting out on a hunt this year is well prepared and as excited to get going as I am. Be safe, have fun and please come share your stories with us in the gun department when you get a chance!

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