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Classic Iron Volume XVI

Posted on 06.30.2023

Author: Tom G.

Classic Iron Volume XVI
Beretta 3032 Tomcat Covert: Does a pocket pistol have a place in your carry rotation?

I don’t know about you but when the season turns to summer and the weather gets hot I myself struggle to carry a gun every day.  Even though open carry is legal here in Montana, I choose to keep my carry gun concealed unless I am out in the woods. To me it just makes good tactical sense to not advertise to the world that I am carrying a gun.

I also prefer to carry a full size gun. Usually that translates to a Government Model 1911, a Commander or some sort of full sized revolver. Fall, winter, and spring, this tends to be easily accomplished with a good belt, a quality holster, and an un-tucked shirt of some sort. 

Things get a bit more complicated when the season turns to summer as my daily knock around attire generally consists of a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops. For this time of year, I find that a pocket gun makes a lot more sense than no gun at all. 

If you have read this column before, you also know that my taste in guns tends to be a bit eclectic. I am aware that a Glock 43, a Sig P365 or any one of the many other small polymer framed handguns that currently dominate the concealed carry market would serve this purpose, however none of these fine pistols really speak to me. I really just like to carry something a little bit weirder. 

For some unknown reason, my head kept spinning around cartridges like 327 Federal, 32 H&R Magnum and .32 ACP. While I am aware these won’t make most folks list of top defensive rounds, they all can be had with premium hollow points and certainly beat the heck out of wandering around unarmed.

I spent considerable time looking at availability of ammunition and which guns were actually in stock with our distributors before landing on the Beretta 3032 Tomcat Covert chambered in 32 ACP. This model comes with a threaded barrel and a set of really attractive walnut grips.

The Tomcat was initially introduced in 1996. It features a double action trigger mechanism and a unique tip up barrel which allows the user to load or unload the firearm without having to manipulate the slide.

With my decision made, I ordered the little Beretta and a spare magazine from Lipsey’s and waited for them to arrive. When the gun showed up, I filled out the required paperwork and headed for the range as quickly as I could.

I was not able to follow my normal routine for this range visit. Instead of shooting a few groups on paper and then working on a few rapid fire drills, my friend Robert and I dragged his dueling tree out to Jewel Basin and got set up to shoot.

On this particular trip, Robert was much more locked in than I was, and he beat me every time we shot the dueling tree against each other. Nevertheless, we had a great time, and I am sure I will get him next time out.

While we were there, I ran a box of PMC 71 grain FMJ and a box of Speer 60 Gold Dot HP’s through the Beretta. I found the sights were regulated perfectly and the gun was 100% reliable. I did struggle a bit with the heavy double action trigger pull required to fire the first round but the more I shot, the easier it became to press the trigger smoothly. The single action trigger pull was light and delightfully crisp.

Despite the guns’ tiny size, recoil was almost non-existent which allowed follow up shots to come quickly and accurately.

After carrying the Beretta around for a few weeks, I am convinced I made a great choice. This gun is so much fun that I am considering ordering a .32 caliber suppressor to go with this outstanding little pocket gun!

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