A Montana Landmark
For Over 75 Years

Blackhawk 70GS12BK Storm Single Point Rifle Sling 1.25" Swivel Nylon Webbing Black 30"-50"

Item number: 70GS12BK

Blackhawk's Storm Sling features a removable mash clip for quick and positive firearm attachment. It is consturcted of durable a high strength 1.25" nylon webbing and has a heavy duty tri-glide buckle to allow for proper fit. The sling also features a heavy duty hardware, metal oval ring, and robust 300 lb side release buckle.

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product details
  • Color: Black
  • Width: 1.25"
  • Length: 46-64"
  • Material: Nylon Webbing
  • Swivel Size: 1.25"
  • Type: Sling