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Birchwood Casey 35608 Shoot- N- C Self- Adhesive Shoot- N- C Bull's- Eye Self Adhesive Assorted

Item number: 34608 ARA-10

With Birchwood's Shoot-N-C Bull's-Eye Assorted targets are for both long range and short distance shooting, with targets for several shooting needs- including rifles, handguns, pistols and airguns. Great for indoor and outdoor use and low light conditions. The self adhesive backing makes targets easy to put up. Bullet holes are revealed with bright chartreuse rings.

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  • Kalispell:     37 Available
  • Warehouse - SS:     21 Available
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product details
  • Enhancement Color: Chartreuse
  • Illustration: Bullseye
  • Impact Enhancement: Yes
  • Includes: Pasters
  • Quantity: 132 Targets
  • Ammo Type: All
  • Auto Resetting: No
  • Material: Paper
  • Mount Type: Self-Adhesive
  • Size: 1"/2"/3"
  • Target Color: Black/Red
  • Type: Target