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Berger Bullets 24428 Target 6mm .243 105 gr Boat Tail (BT) 100 Per Box

Item number: 24428

Berger Boat Tail Target Bullets are often used by competitve shooters who seek the highest accuracy possible. Boat Tail Target Bullets are often used beyond mid-range distances out to 600 yards or more. Berger Boat Tail Target bullets are match-grade quality and utilize a tangent ogive bullet design which makes these very easy to load, tune and shoot. Highly accurate, the Boat Tail Target uses J4 Precision bullet jackets for construction. J4 Precision Jackets have a Total Indicated Runout (TIR) of +/- .0001 and extremely tight manufacturing tolerances. Berger Boat Tail Target Bullets are excellent for magazine feed applications, or where conformance to SAAMI overall length is necessary.

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product details
  • Coefficient: .494
  • Jacket Material: Copper
  • Quantity: 100 Per Box
  • Bullet Diameter: .243
  • Bullet Type: Boat Tail (BT)
  • OAL: 1.189"
  • Sectional Density: .254
  • Weight: 105 gr