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APEX TACTICAL SPECIALTIES 100076 Duty/Carry Enhancement Kit S&W M&P Shield 9,40 Metal 1 Kit

Item number: 100076

The Apex Duty/Carry Kit for the M&P Shield was designed to provide the Shield pistol owner a smooth, consistent trigger pull that is approximately 2 lbs lighter (based on variations in factory tolerances) with the advantages of shorter over-travel and more detectable trigger reset. All of the components work together to provide a pull weight within the acceptable range for a top-end, service pistol. However, armorer or gunsmith installation of the Ultimate Striker Block (USB) into the Shield slide is strongly recommended. This kit includes 2-Dot fully machined sear, Ultimate Striker Block, Striker block spring, Talon tactical tool, Sear spring, Slave pin and Trigger return spring.

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